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    Tipi People   
  Osiyo...welcome to our home page                                  
                                                   where all spirits meet as one!

We are a group of friends that have come together for the purpose of educating the children and the public wherever we go.  We go to the powwows, schools, fairs, festivals and multicultural events setting up living tipi villages in southern California.  Among our group we have storytellers and many crafts people who love to share their knowledge and to show how things were done by the old ones.  Our members are from many different nations but are of one heart!  

Look for us whenever you see a tipi village in southern California!  We would love to talk with you.  Below you will find a link to our schedule.  And if you are planning an event and would like to have a tipi village, just contact us.  Since we are scattered around southern California, just because we have an event on our schedule, it does not mean that there aren't members that could attend your event.

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Contact us @

or call 760-393-0158

Tipi People

96-251 Avenue 70

North Shore, Ca  92254

"Maiden Of The Wood" Midi by: